In Home Assessments

I provide home-based observation and behavioral intervention focusing on everyday challenges to unresloved parenting or behavioral issues. Typical sessions will have a balance of observation, intervention, and discussion. Each family has a choice of immediate intervention during a certain situation or I can just observe and give advice and commentary afterwards. A written followup is provided upon request.

Rates: $95 per hour, average visit lasts 2 hours


Phone Sessions

I provide telephone counseling. This service can be provided on a schedule (monthy or weekly) or as needed. These sessions may be used as a tool in a difficult parenting moment or as a general check-in to work through childhood behavioral issues or parenting strategies. 

Rates: Intial 20 min consult free, $95 per hour after that


School Based Intervention

Interventions are initiated by individual families and arrangements must be made with the school. I provide observations of individual children in their academic setting and will meet with teachers, principals, and other staff as needed to facilitate a discussion of the academic, behavioral, social, or emotional challenges that a student may be facing. Diagnostic report and referrals are available upon request. A followup with educators and parents with suggestions of behavioral and/or academic interventions and IEP support can be provided if needed.

Rates: $95 per hour, average visit lasts 2 hours


Parent Support Groups

Groups meet monthly for two hours.  Each group creates a meeting location rotation within their homes or other pre-discussed location. The group chooses the best day and time for them from the openings available. Times can include mornings and evenings. Rates for monthly sessions are paid in full. The group follows a parent leadership model, meaning that the parents in the group are in charge of how the group runs. Parents are the experts – at least about their own families. Therefore, parents discuss the parenting issues that are most important to them. I facilitate the group to help things run smoothly and to introduce a variety of useful parenting techniques. “We would cry together, laugh together, be angry together and admit mistakes together without any fear of criticism.”

Rates: $45 monthly (6-8 people) 


Large Groups or Speaking Engagements

I have provided numerous training workshops for clinicians, teachers and parents.   I have presented on topics such as positive parenting, attachment and bonding, effects of trauma on young children, development, assessing the parent-child relationship, and improving communication techniques within a family.